Donger List is a huge database for textmojis that are also called Kaomoji emoticons. List includes many different categories:

Ameno, Angry, Animal, Brick, Cool, Cracker, Crazy, Cry, Cute, Dance, Dead, Donger, Dunno, Excited, Fight, Finger, Flex, Flip, Flower, Glasses, Gun, Happy, Huh, Lenny, Lower, Mad, Magic, Man, Meh, Mob, Monocle, Music, Point, Pyramid, Raise, Run, Sad, Scared, Scary, Shocked, Spider, Surprised, Sword, Table, Throw, Tree, Ugly, Upset, Walk, Wall, Why

With a click on donger, application automatically copies the content to the clipboard. Also, you can directly share the donger by using the SnackBar.

Frequent list will hold the dongers you most frequently use to access easily.


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